It goes without saying that a properly designed office space must take into consideration effective installation of air conditioning systems so that the entire space, whether small or large is conditioned proportionately. Whether you are all set to make that vital business deal or want to ensure the productivity of your employees, the ambience is a very important factor, wherein the air conditioning is a vital part. Star Air Conditioning is an expert service provider of air conditioning in Sydney offering some of the best brands and also helping in installation, maintenance and repair.

With our products, you can enjoy comfort at every level with effective control.

Our range of products includes:

  • Rooftop Package Units- our rooftop units, designed by leveraging the latest technology, offer exceptional comfort in industrial setups and other commercial areas.
  • Split Ducted systems- For absolute comfort, we deliver a range of split systems from air conditioners and heat pumps to supreme quality indoor coils and air handlers.
  • Multi-head VRV systems- We leverage the latest technology to come up with VRV or Variable Refrigeration Volume systems that are quite popular as air conditioning tools within hospitals, offices, hotels or other commercial areas. Herein, indoor units can be conveniently controlled by one or any outdoor units.
  • Water condensing units- Our water condensing units are designed to cater to a range of commercial applications. They occupy little floor space and are capable of working efficiently even at maximum load conditions, leading to energy savings.
  • Commercial controls- Our commercial controls are designed with high level of flexibility and offer ideal productivity and comfort. The products include connection networks and thermostats, amongst others.
All our products are from renowned brands and offer the best quality and service. With us, you can be rest assured of reliable, authentic and well-built equipments. Be it a start-up enterprise, or an established corporate house, we offer attractive packages, which give you ultimate return on investment.

Why choose our products?

  • We have a premium collection of products, to suit your commercial needs
  • We work with some of the best brands like Mitsubishi, Samsung, Daikin, and so on.
  • Our after sales service is very efficient and we offer complete help in installation, maintenance and repair.
  • To have our superior product range installed in your office, contact us now, and feel the difference!

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